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Charity Lodge No.134
Palestine Lodge No. 189
Druid Royal Arch Chapter
Maryland State Police Alumni Association
The Grand Lodge of Maryland
The Global Fraternal Network
Anti-Masonic Myths Explored
Maryland Masonic Bodies
The United Grand Lodge of England
The Grand Lodge of Scotland
The Grand Lodge of Ireland
The Maryland State Police
Visit Teddy's Masonic Page

International Fire Fighter's Masonic Square Club

The Grand Lodge of South Africa
The House of the Temple - AASR-SJ
The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar - USA
The Grand Lodge of Texas AF&AM
Alexandria Lodge # 22
North Shore Lodge No. 277
Grande Loge de France

The Philalethes Society
The Masonic Services Association
Welcome Wall @ Emason
Internet Lodge 9659
The Southern California Lodge of Research
The Texas Lodge of Research AF&AM
Torrione Castle Lodge of Research No. 34
Friend to Friend
Freemasonry Revealed
The Music of Freemasonry
Our Music Room, 1st Masonic Dist. New Jersey
The Shrine of North America
The International Order of Jobs Daughters
International Order of the Rainbow for Girls
General Grand Chapter - OES
DeMolay International
Supreme Council of the Order of the Amaranth
Pietre-Stones Review of Freemasonry
French FreeMasonry - Franc-Maçonnerie Française
Grand Loge Nationale Française

The Chronicles of Furthermore, The Masonic Raven
Hermogenes del Canto Loge Nº 132 Valdivia - Chile
Freemasonry - Ancient Egyptian Legacy?

The Masonic Kilties of New Jersey 
he Masonic Kilties of New Jersey are
a Masonic degree team, which specializes in conferring the Third, or Master Mason Degree, in full Scottish Highland dress.
Within the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey, they confer the Second Section only, as the host Lodge confers the First Section. Out-of-state, they are required to confer the entire Degree, according to the standard ritual of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey.
As many of their members are of Scottish birth and all have some Scottish connection, the varied accents frequently put a different emphasis on the ritual! Usually the Degree Team is accompanied by at least one Piper, and frequently also by a Drummer, who not only pipes them in, when entering the Lodge, but also play during the various Perambulations during the course of the Degree.
The Masonic Kilties of New Jersey is not a Lodge, nor do they all belong to any one Lodge. The members belong to many Lodges, and come from the North, South, East and West of New Jersey, as well as Pennsylvania and New York. They have no regular meetings or
rehearsals, nor do they know in advance what work will be assigned to any individual for a given Visitation. They have a Coordinator who assigns the work, and he reads those assignments
only a few minutes before they enter the Lodge Room fo
r the Degree. While the music of the Pipes and Drums
greatly enhance the degree work, the colorful tartans of the K
ilts and the high standard of the ritual work combine to
impress Candidates and Sideliners alike, and alwa
ys make for a spectacular and memorable evening!
International Law Enforcement Officers' Square Club
The purpose of the International Law Enforcement Officers' Square Club is to allow networking, information transfer, and general "chit-chat" between friends worldwide who share common threads. This is a group of Freemasons from around the world who also share a career; and are those charged to keep the peace in our various jurisdictions. If you are interested in becoming a member, we currently require that you be a Master Mason (from a Grand Jurisdiction recognized by the Grand Lodge F&AM State of New York) in good standing, be a member of the Global Fraternal Network, and currently are or have been (having left in honorable standing) a member of the Law Enforcement profession.
International Fire Fighters Masonic Square Club This is a group of Freemasons who are Fire fighters from around the world. Not only are they Brothers in the Craft, But also Brothers in Battle! Current members are from the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and the Former Soviet Republic.
Masonic Futurists Society - The Mission (purpose) of the Society is to promote the free exchange of ideas about how Freemasonry can be improved so that it can survive into the next century and beyond. Members accept the fact that our membership levels are dropping to a critical point and that most communities have a negative image and understanding of Freemasonry and we can do something now to reverse these trends. Membership in the society is limited to any individual is or was currently a member of any Masonic organization that comprises the Family of Freemasonry and in addition believes in the mission (purpose) of the organization.
The Invisible Lodge - Promotes the Honorary Association of Masonic Magicians at Work, under the Jurisdiction of the Known and Unknown World. The reason for coming together is to foster long-standing relationships amongst members with like interests. To also promote Brotherly admiration, for other accomplishments and their continuing in the craft. It provides a venue where Brothers can come together in the Fraternity of Masonry and the Spirit of the Performing Arts.

The Masonic Chess Club  - is a group of Chess-playing Freemasons, and their families, who have banded together to play Chess and share fellowship. Our players' skill levels range from beginner to advanced. They primarily play by postcard or letter, but some of them, now play by fax or email.
Masonic Family Camping Club - - National Camping Travelers, Inc., (NCT) was founded in 1966 at Gettysburg, PA, by the late Brother Myron Fox and twenty-one other Masonic families. With the idea that a CAMPING CLUB For MASTER MASONS AND THEIR FAMILIES would be an added opportunity for fraternal fun and fellowship. Brother Fox's idea has since spread to most of the continental United States and Canada. The only requirement to join NCT is you must be a MASTER MASON in good standing in a Lodge of which its Grand Lodge is recognized by the other Grand Lodges of the United States of America, Canadian Provinces and Mexico.

Global Phoenix - - Global Phoenix is an international forum of members of a Phoenix Lodge anywhere in the world. They are now 121 Lodges strong. This list started as a dream of Brother K.C. Andreou of Phoenix Lodge #59 Thessaloniki, Greece (under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Greece). It should be understood that this forum is a list of lodges named Phoenix and a person of contact (if available), and that each individual lodge and their Grand Lodge may not be in Fraternal Relations (for visitation purposes). As natural and political boundaries tend to keep us apart, the Fraternity within Freemasonry shows that there are unbreakable bonds. And in times like these it is a relief to see how the Global Phoenix has brought together so many Brothers around the world.
Hiram's Hams Amateur Radio Society - - Hiram's Hams is a "Fraternity within The Fraternity " whose membership is composed of Masons who are also amateur radio operators. Membership dues are by donation. A newsletter containing articles of Masonic and amateur radio interest is published monthly.
International Masonic Poetry Society - International Masonic Poetry Society serves the needs of those Brethren who recognize the poetry of Masonry. You can expect to see Poems, Graces, Returns of Thanks, Masonic Jokes and Outback Poems at their website.
Masonic Motorcycle Club International - - The purpose of the Masonic Motorcycle Club International is to bring together Master Masons whose common interest is motorcycle riding, promoting good fellowship, and encouraging membership in the Fraternity. Membership is composed of Master Masons in good standing in a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons. There is no other group of Masons with the eyes of the public on them more than the Masonic Motorcycle Club. Here, a Mason will find a much greater opportunity to enlarge your circle of Masonic friends beyond the scope of your Local Lodge and will be riding with Brothers who are dedicated to the great moral precepts of the Fraternity and who enjoy the great outdoors on a motorcycle.
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