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Last modified: 12/23/15

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for a law enforcement officer or fire fighter in your Lodge
Or to join the Shield & Square Club Degree Team


Law Enforcement & Fire Fighter Members

John R.(Jack) Biggs, M.W.P.G.M.,  Degree Coordinator 1st Lt. Retired - MD State Police 
R. Gary Pierce, PGL, R.W. P.S.G.W., WPG Sw.Br. Sgt. - MD State Police
R. Bruce Tanner, DGL Captain, retired - MD State Police
Thomas Hess 2nd Lt. Retired - MD State Police
Jeffrey Dean
TFC - Maryland State Police
Benjamin Coppage Cpl. - Maryland State Police
James Hovis TFC, retired - Maryland State Police
James Rhinehart Sgt. Retired - MD State Police
Bruce Flaugher, PM Cpl. Retired - MD State Police
Joshua T. Wainright Retired - MD State Police
Steve Wininger 1St Sgt. Maryland State Police
Carroll "Doc" Caldwell TFC Ret. Maryland State Police
John Shriver Ret. -  Baltimore City Police
Marvin Printz, DGL, WPG Per. Lt. Retired - Correctional Officer
David Kane, PGI, WPGD of C  Sgt. Retired - Correctional Officer
Terry Beal, PM Sgt. Correctional K-9 Officer
Randy Taylor Deputy Sheriff - Harford County
Marlin Mills, PM Deputy Sheriff, Retired - Harford Co.
Greg Sweitzer, PM Cpl. - Prince Georges County Police
Michael Hurm, PM Field Agent, Retired - FBI
Robert Creech, W.M. No. 213 Anne Arundle County Police
Timothy Bryant Sgt. - Balto. County Sheriffs Dept.
Chris Pavon Cpl. - Dept. Natural Resources
Jackie Miller Officer - Cumberland City Police
Vince Moulter Officer - Baltimore City Police
Tom Morris Sgt. - Cecil County Sheriff's Office
Stephen Bittner Sgt. U.S. Secret Service
Robert Englebach Colonel, Military Police
+ George W. Lacey, P.M., PGT, PGO Retired Federal Agent
Bruce Whitaker Tfc Retired, Maryland State Police
Craig Whitaker Tfc, Maryland State Police
Walt Wassmer Ret. Maryland State Police
Morris Bohlayer, Charity Lodge Ret. Baltimore County Fire Fighter
Robert Candler Baltimore City Fire Fighter
Tom Johann, P.M. Philanthropic Lodge Ret. U.S. Park Police & Ret. Frederick Co. Deputy Sheriff

Mark Hartz, PM Solomon's 121

Retired St. Johnsville (NY) PD
Dave Duffey, Philanthropic Lodge US Park Police (ret), Frederick Co. Sheriff Ofc. Ret.



Kostas "Gus" Vourvoulas, P.M. Jephthah Lodge, R.W.Deputy Grand Master  
Paul Reeves. IPM Spero Lodge 6825 Essex, UGLE - Detective Inspecter, Ret., Metropolitan Police, London, England
Provincial Grand Steward (Essex), UGLE
Ian D. Shaw, P.M. - Johore Bahru Lodge No.8390  Portsmouth, England  
Keith A. G. Davis, W.M.  - Temperance Lodge No. 2068  Portsmouth, England.  - Portsmouth City Police, Ret.  
Gary Shircliff, R.W.P.S.G.W.  
David Hall, R.W.P.S.G.W.  
Jules Tepper, M.W.P.G.M. -  Washington, D.C.  
+ Edward B. Kraft, G.L, R.W.P.J.G.W.  
Jere D. Place, DGL, WPJGS  
Wayne C. Penley, G.I., Team Piper  
Iain Whyte, RWM  - St. Lawrence Lodge   St. Lawrence Scotland  
Percy Aga - Vancouver, B.C.  
Troy L.C. McCabe - FSSSC  - Centennial Lodge No. 221  
+ John C. Naquin - MWPGM  
Ted Harding, P.M. Waverly Lodge  
Marlon Curtis, U.S. Army Special Ops  

Note: + Signifies deceased

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